Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Sunday rolled into today as we arrived at Nevis late at night. The morning came soon; we all rolled out of bed, still exhausted from the night before. The morning was very busy as we all hurried to eat and get ready to go biking or horseback riding around the Island. It was too hot for biking, so the other girls on my boat and I got ready and went ashore. We met other kids from Breakaway and rode in a taxi to the ranch. We all hopped on a horse and started the ride. The horses we rode were so pretty and made the ride even better. We went through trees and at one point we popped out and rode on the beach. I felt like I was in a movie; it felt unreal. The ride was soon over. While we were horseback riding Evan, Dylan, William and Sam went on a bike ride, and Jake spent time with some of the breakaway students on the beach for beach time. After all the activities the taxi took us back to the beach. As we sat and ate lunch, two local little girls came over and joined us. They ate and braided our hair as we ate. I gave one of the little girls a bracelet that I had made off of my wrist. She had a big smile and jumped on my lap. She fell asleep as her sister did Charlotte’s hair. Then we went to the beach and hung out as we waited for the bikers. We all went back to our boat, showered, and got ready for the BBQ tonight with Breakaway. It was a good day of enjoying a beautiful island in many ways!