Location: Sidney's, Jost van Dyke

Today was the best and longest day at ActionQuest. We started by waking up at 6 am to hike the highest mountain in the Virgin Islands. When we got on our dinghy, it started downpouring. So we had to hike with soggy shoes. We had to take many breaks along the way, but finally 4 miles of uphill later, we reached the top. The view was awesome! After taking multiple pictures, we hiked/ran down the mountain to get cheeseburgers in paradise. Yumm! We explored the island, going into the various shops and markets before we headed back out to sea for our next destination: sand castle building. We buried Jerry our shipmate in the sand and made him a hula girl with leaves as hair; palm tree leaves as a skirt and a coconut top. Although we did not win the contest, we got many laughs on the way. We left that uninhabited island for our final destination today. We rafted up with the other sail side boats at Jost van Dyke island for another BBQ. There was a live band and awesome food. There was even tightrope walking. I enjoyed talking with the other boats and am so sad there are only five days left! Awww! Today was definitely the best day yet!