Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was the best! We started with an early sail to Salt Island to dive the wreck of the RMS Rhone. There is nothing like sailing under full sail with the salt spray gusting over the bow. The Rhone was a phenomenal dive with turtles, eels, and corals of every kind. A weaker than normal current made for a perfect dive, allowing us to view the whole wreck. After the dive, we went ashore and hiked through the salt marshes; unfortunately, it rained, causing everyone to scurry back to the dinghies. After a delicious soup for lunch, we commenced our underwater rescue training where we had to control an exhausted and a panicked diver underwater. We then implemented our rescue and search and recovery skills in a lost diver scenario. A diver (tank) named “Habib” had gotten lost and we quickly and efficiently set up a search for him. We located and rescued him with ease just in time for a delicious dinner of risotto, salad, and chicken. All in all, today was the perfect day.