Location: Muskemelon Bay, Guana Island

I now know why Action Quest has the word “action” in it. Before embarking on this trip, I was so sure that I understood the concept behind an action-packed day; well, I was completely and utterly wrong. The brutal 7:00 am wake up was quickly soothed with some excellent pancakes. We were instructed to clean up immediately while the staff had a meeting but little did they know that the speakers were cranked to full volume. (Dance party trumps clean up). However, we did successfully clean the cockpit in time for their return. Almost instantly after their return, we motored off to Muskmelon Bay. I couldn’t imagine that somewhere with such and ugly name could be so beautiful. Luckily for us, the day’s events in this calm bay included turtle tagging, diving (with cameras!), and many water sports. In my opinion turtle tagging was possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Up to today none of the other days compared to day 10! To quote my fellow crew mate, today was a fantastic day!