Location: Sydney's, Jost Van Dyke

Hike Day, arguably the longest day of Action Quest, was amazing. We started off the day bright and early at around 6:30 and had an extremely filling breakfast of cereal , which had to be eaten very quickly so we could make it to the dock by 7:00. After a short speech from Mike, we all began the hike with running shoes on tight and feeling full of energy. However, after almost five minutes we were all sweaty, tired, and desperate for a break. Of course some shipmates were more enthusiastic about the long uphill truck, David reaching the top as #13, while others spent most of their time bringing up the rear, like me, reaching the top as #132. Never the less, everyone enjoyed the beautiful views and delicious banana smoothies at the summit. Probably the saddest part of the hike though, is realizing once you reach the top you have to go back down. We spent the early part of the afternoon having lunch down in Cane Garden Bay shopping for boat snack and comparing hike stories. At around 1:30 we motored over to Sandy Spit, a really little island to take part in a camp wide sandcastle contest. Our boat decided to make the Olympic rings in honor of them starting in just a few days. However, its much easier to draw them than make them out of sand as some of us found out. We also spent time playing in the water, visiting our friends from other boats, and, for Nick and Lucas, finding and opening coconuts. Although we didn’t win the sandcastle contest we all had a great beach day and definitely enjoyed Nick’s coconut back on the boat. Our final destination for the day was Sydney’s Peace and Love where we will now have a great BBQ while listening to a live reggae band. Everyone is spending time getting dressed up and taking lots and lots of pictures. It feel like the day is coming to a close, but we all still have a full night ahead of us. Hopefully we’ll get a long lie in tomorrow but I have to admit I’m suspicious we will have our first rescue scenario! Let’s hope for lots of time to nap.