Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The day started off with an early morning filled with French toast and lots of sunscreen. The boat was moved to help create an area for diving while most of our boat had another dive chat to be prepared for the day the two divemaster candidates had their first two swim tests of the day. After those were done, it was time to dive! The group successfully completed their second confined water dive, and the divemasters accompanied them and assisted. After that, the group split up. Half went to Zests, tiny sailboats for two people, and the two divemasters did the last two swim tests including an equipment exchange using one air source. Once the activities were over, we got back together for lunch. Post PB + Js the groups split up again, and the Vegas and Aquarius went to do some waterskiing and wakeboarding. When they weren’t out racing around, they were learning about how to tie knots. The DMs spent time assisting the younger students. Next dinner was made and followed by a sail chat.