Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was an amazing addition to our trip. It started with a scrumptious breakfast of cereal and COLD milk. It was the first day we had two dives. The first dive was at the Dogs where we saw a banded butterflyfish (which looks like a zebra in fish form). For the second dive, we went to Coral Gardens. There was an abundant amount of fish. This was the first time in which I saw a male parrotfish. The male parrotfish are breathtaking and elegant; they are a light sea green with some accents of yellow, blue and red. In between the two dives we had a lunch of macaroni and cheese. It tasted so delicious after our dive. It was one of our staff, Meghann’s, 10th anniversary of diving today so she made chocolate brownies with cookies baked into it. Those brownies were delicious! They were great after dive snacks. We had some free time to go swimming and snorkel near the boat. During free time, three of the girls, including myself, got to go wakeboarding. It was some of our first time wakeboarding, and we did amazing. One of us was a “pro” and stayed on the board for almost 5 minutes! The other two of us stood up, traveled about 3 cm and then fell, which is pretty good for beginners. After wakeboarding, we all sat down to a delicious dinner of tomato stroganoff, garlic bread, and salad. Today was a fantastic day with our amazing boat family. I wish today would never end, but all I can do is enjoy the rest of the day and have another incredible one tomorrow!