Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we started off by planning what we wanted to do with our day. After a scrumptious breaki of French toast, cereal, and eggs, the shipmates took a coral reef conservation final review quiz to become a certified specialists. Shortly after, the shipmates took the sailing final exam, and everyone passed! Passing the international exam allows you to sail specific vessels on your own. After finishing the knowledge reviews, the shipmates got to waterski and made yet another rope swing while the chefs whipped up the long-awaited ramen. Some of the shipmates spotted some jellyfish and decided to catch them in a bucket. The jelly’s we caught don’t sting, and we’re very fun to catch. After lunch, Shona showed us a sailing movie called Around Cape Horn, which everyone loved. We finished the day with another movie, Big Hero 6, and then the chefs made a yummy macaroni and broccoli for dinner. Shona and Allie generously made us “promiscuous brownies” while we finished the movie. Today was very chill and fun!