Location: Sydney

A Thousand Steps and a Story

Knock Knock Knock. Steve knocks on the door and wakes me up. At 7:50 a.m., we leave to travel to “The Three Sisters.” On the ride through the mountains, we saw many kangaroos. Throughout the day, we stop to look at the view of Australia’s “Blue Mountains.” At every stop, we hike to find a different view, but the best view, in my opinion, was at the first stop at “Lincoln Lookout.” The group split up at the last stop, the people that wanted to do a thousand steps and the people who had wanted to sit, enjoy the view or shop. The group that conquered a thousand steps took in the views for a couple of hours. To pass the time, we played the story game, where each individual chose a word to make one big story. After walking through the woods, we rode the world’s steepest railway back up instead of walking a thousand steps back up. After the group met back up, we went to the bus to ride back to the home. Steve told jokes all the way back. We are all looking forward to grabbing some fresh seafood at the market tonight, and I’m really excited about the sailing part tomorrow.