Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

On the third day of our voyage vacation we woke up again at 6am. We had eggs, blueberry muffins, and beautiful pineapple breakfast made by our great chefs Lexie and Anna. After cleaning off the boat we set sail on a smooth sea with a nice breeze. Today I was assigned to the magic wheel as the skipper driving the boat. It was fun getting to steer the boat using a 3-foot wide wheel. After a few hours of sailing, we reached our final destination and laid anchor. I got to go in the first group out on the dinghy boat for wakeboarding. I was surprised how nice and glassy it was on the ocean rather than on a glassy lake. My group was impressive and three first timers stoop up on their first tries. After the fun workout, we came back to the sailboat and had a ball doing our weirdest dives off of the side. Jake did win with his hillbilly screaming dive. After showing off, we got together and ate a great pasta and hot dog mixture dinner. Afterwards, we all talked, had a good time and watched a video teaching us more about scuba diving. Everyone was tired from the fun long day at sea and fell nicely asleep with the soothing rocking of the current. Till next time