Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

My day started at 3:33 am; I was the only shipmate who slept outside that night. All alone wrapped up in my cozy sleeping bag, I dreamt. When suddenly, I was woken up by the drizzle of rain. Very quickly, the light rain turned into a heavy thunderstorm. I rushed to the back of the boat accidentally tripping over other shipmates who were sleeping on the floor. I got creative and found another sleeping spot which was still outside by actually sheltered from the rain. I fell back to sleep to the awesome sound of the raging storm. When morning came, the staff woke everyone up with some soothing music. Our first dive was a search and recovery dive. It lasted about 30 minutes as the water was a little rough. A few hours alter the sun started beaming, and everyone hopped on the hardtop for a nice lay out. Next, I and some others went wakeboarding. After a few jumps and falls, we sailed to Cane Garden Bay. I skippered us there and drove like a pro! The day ended with fresh water showers and dinner. After dinner, we all cuddled up together to watch Blue Planet. Today was overall super relaxed and really fun – I can’t wait for tomorrow!