Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today was a great sailing day! We traveled from the bay we slept at last night to Anegada, an island which was a long ways away. We left the bay when the sun peaked through the clouds at around 7:15. We started racing the boats straight away, and we put up the jib and mainsail right away. As we got out to open water, we got in a tight race with the Prosecutor and Laurasia. We were way behind, but once we caught wind from a cold front moving in, we sped ahead in the rain. We eventually got so far ahead they told us to stay together, and we won the race to Anegada. We swam in the ocean near the shore and ate lunch. Next, we left for Vixen Point and also won that race. We then came out of the cabin to see a beach full of fun things, like windsurfers and Picos. Finally, we settled down and ate dinner, which was beef Stroganoff.