Location: Marina Cay

This morning we woke up and had cereal for breakfast. After the cleanup, we pulled up our anchor and left great harbor peter to go to road town to get re-stocked in water at the base of the mooring. Then after that, we motored over to Ginger Island for a fun dive. It was a very rolly passage, and when we jumped into the water before we descended, it felt like we were in a wave pool. After the dive, we left our mooring ball and put the sails up to head east. On our way to Marina Cay, we had some rough waters, and a big rainstorm and the chefs made us grilled cheese for lunch. After lunch, we all had a relaxed motor back. A lot of us slept the whole way. Once we got to marina cay, we took salt showers, and the chefs made pasta for dinner. Now we’re cleaning up and are about to squeeze. Later tonight we have a life works and were all looking forward to going into town tomorrow at trellis bay.