Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

The day started at 7 am to the sound of the music playlist and the smell of french toast. We cleaned up the great breakfast made by Adrien and Julia while underway to Cooper Island. There, we had our first dive of the day. This dive was just a fun dive where we all had fun exploring and being with each other. Following this, we swam around and played with our inflatable shark toy. We interrupted our relaxing swim to have some deli sandwiches and then continued having fun while others took naps. When we finished swimming, we dinghied over to Wreck Alley and explored the tug boat there on our second dive (which also marked by 50th dive). This wreck was cool because we were able to explore the inside of the wreck and see some amazing things, including a barracuda and a shark. We quickly got back to our boat and took off to head back to Great Harbour, Peter Island for the night.

After we anchored we continued swimming and diving from the boat but this time with kids from Boss Lady. In the middle of this, the rescue students had a scenario where we had to save two people. Once this was over, we all sat down and had summertime thanksgiving. Before we started cleaning up, I read an inspirational quote and asked, “What were your goals in coming to ActionQuest and have you achieved them so far?” As of now, we are cleaning up dinner and preparing for evening activities. For Rescue students, we have our final written test while the Dolphins have presentations tonight for their projects they have been working on for the trip. Overall, it has been a pretty relaxed and fun day!