Location: Nevis

Today was a day. A day of wonders, a day of confusion and a day of wind. Chris and Maggie started with a dive off of St. Eusatsia while the rest of the crew ate breakfast and went to the shore. After some shanagins, We split up and went to the town; however; it was hard to find anything open on a Sunday where most of the population is Christian. However, Gemma, Cameron, Maggie, and Chris found a nice restaurant on the shore while Gage, Oliver and I got lost looking for a grocery store that was literally a turn right from where they started. During which Zack found that chocolate can melt if put in your pocket for a long time and Lana walked along the shore. Afterward, the crew went on a hike up to a beautiful volcano through the rustic town and sprawling forest which brought new life to the desolate volcano after it erupted many years ago. Finally, the crew prepared for a night sail to Nevis and through a long night of the wind not making up its mind about how strong and what direction it wanted to blow in we arrived in Nevis at midnight.