Location: Nice, France

Argonauts, Argonauts, Argonauts,

This is Argo, Argo, Argo,
You’ve come and gone
And left your mark.
Through sailing, sweeping, cleaning, and shining
You’ve become a part of Argo
And her, a part of you.
Though the wind carries you on
To other places, other adventures
We hope parts of this experience,
Parts of this adventure-
Will always resonate within you
Perhaps you have new appreciations:
For beds of normal shape and size,
For flush toilets or real showers,
Or the ability to be connected to the world 24/7-
Yet remember the connections made here,
The empowerment felt when helming
Or flaking Argo’s sails as a team
You explored new places and cultures
Tasted/ compared Gelato and pizzas
Hiked towns and sailed the Mediterranean.
You did it.
You made it.
Not as an individual,
But as a team.
You are and forever will be
The Crew of Argo-
AQ, Session III, 2015
Argo Out.