Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

I woke up in sort of a daze, realizing it was my birthday, butterflies I started to rise in my stomach. I was turning 18 in the most beautiful place ever with some of the most amazing people I’ve met. All my shipmates wished me a happy birthday, little did I know the surprise they had in store. We had cereal for breakfast, and then we were off to West End for lunch. Before we got there, we all took our turn helming and doing our share to sail the boat. We went to land for lunch, so we were able to use our phones, which was great because I got to call my outstanding parents along with my loving, beautiful girlfriend. We stepped back onto the boat and prepared for our practice race. On the way to the starting line, we passed the boat Lascaris and threw slices of American cheese at them while listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. The race was fun, and we all really started working together. Watching the bright orange sunset crash onto the blue waves waiting for tacos was a great way to end the afternoon. After dinner during the squeeze, they gave me an amazing heartfelt card that made me tear up.

Along with that card, they baked me a cake, these friends that I have surrounded myself with for the last 13 days are truly special. I have grown to love them all, and it’s going to be hard leaving them and this place. It truly was a night to remember.