Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we awoke early and as the sun rose into the sky we got ready for breakfast. Soon after everyone finished we set sail for Savanna Bay. Over the six-hour sail, our skipper Emma taught us a lot. We learned about sailing circles and the different points of sail. Once we reached our destination we attempted to anchor the boat about four times, but finally, we settled. It was time to get in the water! We were all so hot and tired from a long day on the boat. We all jumped in and cooled off. We decided to switch gears and focus on scuba diving. Mike taught us how to set up our dive gear, which frankly was a bit confusing, but we got it after a bit. And as the sun set, we ate our delicious meal. We will finish the day with a scuba talk and some sound sleep in the hammocks. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s day of watersports!