Location: West End, Tortola

Hello again, today we had a bit of a late start due to impeller issues which were quickly resolved. Then we set sail to West End. Once we arrived, we had a quick trip to the clinic to get our COVID tests for our return home. We then came back to the boat to meet up and then set out to town. We ate at Pussers for lunch and were joined by a couple of kids from other boats. After a bit, we went out shopping and got an assortment of cool souvenirs. As we were waiting to leave the port, some of my shipmates and I learned to do a whip cleat. Then we set sail whilst the Dive Masters took their final test. The first part of the sail was a bit rocky, and we had a lot of fun riding the waves out on the bow of the boat. We had a good dinner and were joined by a lovely crew member Anna. We are looking forward to tomorrow and the open water students having their first dive post-certification.