Location: 38Õ21.2485 N 0Õ28.3960 E

After being woken up at 4 in the morning for watch, needless to say mostly everybody on our watch was feeling a bit slow. This changed quickly after chugging a Nalgene full of espresso and witnessing the rough waves of the Med invade the bow and flood all along the deck. This continued throughout the day, and with the rough seas and the wind almost directly at our bow, we were not able to cover much ground. Seasickness has hit the crew once again, but while a large percentage of the crew has been left unscathed, a few members of the group have been left to deal with their upset stomachs over the stern of the boat. Right now we are currently left to deal with the clean up of our Captain Kris’s attempt to create coconut lime chicken (perhaps one of the leading causes of the crew’s seasickness?), and we are all considering mutiny. Tomorrow we expect to arrive on the island of Mallorca sometime in the late evening, and we await our first wobbly steps on land in 2 days to restock our snack boxes full of snickers and soda.