Location: Stockholm


Today we started the day by checking out the Swedish History Museum. This place is awesome and houses the largest collection of Viking artifacts in the world! We learned all about the earliest inhabitants in Sweden and got to see amazing artifacts found in early Viking burials. We took a short tour in English and learned about the Viking town of Birka that we will be visiting on Sunday!

Next up, we took a beautiful stroll through the Royal City Park and made our way to the National Maritime Museum, where we met up with Nina and Trevor from the National Maritime Museum Archaeology Unit. They introduced us to our tour guide Analise who gave us a super interesting tour of all the artifacts and ship models.

After the museums, we headed back to the boat for a little relaxation time and dinner before heading out to Grona Lund, the Swedish amusement park, just down the street from the boat! We’ve watched everyone having fun from a distance for the last few days, so we were super excited to get out there and ride some rides for ourselves!! We rode the teacups, a few of us braved the free-fall, and Tiago introduced us to the most incredible fun house any of us have been in! To top off the evening, Capt. John won a GIANT Toblerone bar that should last us the whole trip and possibly next summer too!