Location: West End, Tortola

Today started like any other day: Jake blasting our usual playlist into the stereo at 6:30am. However, today was not like every other day, it is our last day. Early in the morning, the skippers from our fleet met to discuss the race that we were going to have. We started off the race at the tip of Norman Island, in the direction of Road Town. After a successful tack in front of the capital’s harbor, we sailed smoothly towards Great Harbor on Peter Island, where we crossed the finish line 3rd (from last)! Despite the lack of wind, the race was extremely fun as we were all very close to each other and were fighting for the top places. After the race, we started the final cleanup. We had to clean absolutely everything: the galley, the cabins, the salon, the heads, all the cabinets, and of course, the whole deck. Nevertheless, we had fun doing it, as we always do. For lunch, we had free time on shore, which we spent eating at the delicious restaurants on the West End dock. At around 7 all the students came together for one last amazing BBQ. The evening was one of laughter, but also tears, as we all cherished our last moments together. After a long day, we went to sleep, grateful for the amazing memories we made here, and thankful for all the thing the staff and fellow shipmates did to make our stay so memorable. date: Jul 27, 2017