Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a stupendous day on Spindrift! This morning was started with an amazing wreck dive with a history dating back to the late 1800s. While on the dive, the advanced divers saw an octopus and the other divers saw a gigantic lobster after doing a swim through on the huge propeller of the ship. Many of the divers also rubbed a lucky porthole on the wreck, which stays shiny because of all of the divers coming to it for good luck. Interestingly, there is no coral growth on the porthole also because of the human touch. Some people on our boat were able to do the wreck dive twice because they had missed out on other fantastic dives. Also, most of the people on this boat are now certified divers if they weren’t already. Later we had lunch and went on a scenic hike to the top of Salt Island where the dead passengers from the wreck were buried. It was beautiful, but also very hot, leading to a quick swim before racing the other boats in the fleet back to the original destination where we had spent the night. Sadly, Spindrift did not win, but tomorrow we will win for sure. We have the secret method of taking our bed sheets and using them as mini sails to give us some extra speed. For dinner we had Mexican and at the end used the extra tortillas as frisbees for the seagulls. To do something special for the last tortilla, Chris bravely rolled it up and had a seagull grab it from him. Tonight we will have one of our last sail chats and then off to bed to prepare for another amazing day in the BVI.