Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

So we woke up today, kind of refreshed from a great night’s sleep. We ate pancakes, but instead of going straight into breakfast, I went kneeboarding. I think it is the last time we do watersports. Coming back I ate the leftover food and we went to get ready for San Souci to come over to our boat and hang out. It was fun! It’s always nice to see other people and hear stories of what goes on their boat. After they left we set sail to Road Town. Apparently, it’s the biggest town or city in the BVI. So we got our phones and set off for this big town. We met up with San Souci and walked aimlessly around looking for someplace to eat. We went to the store and waited for Jake to pick us up. We saw this funny sea turtle at the end of our boat ride and we finally got back to the boat and gave our phones back and sailed back to where we started and ate dinner, squeezed, and now we are going to over sailing for the people that want to sail and to do the test.