Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

After a quick wake up and breakfast of cereal, the crew of Panasea prepared to sail out of our dive site. A majority of the sail time was spent on work. For the Dolphins we spent the morning working on our research papers and presentations. The Neptunes spent their morning studying for their test. The dive site that we went to was the location for two dives, which had a stingray cleaning station and four wrecks. We got an amazing view of 5 stingrays however two people; myself included, were unable to do the second dive. For lunch, we had a delicious chicken salad made by Marina. After a slow sail back that included more work, napping, reading, and sun, we began one of the more painful experiences of my life; the Belly Flop Competition. Competing against Blue Venture, one of the other boats we took turns jumping off and doing belly flops. Due to a lack of commitment and determination, we lost. After this painful loss, Panasea had a delicious dinner of tortellini and salad that ultimately resulted in a massive boat wide food fight.