Location: Marina Cay

Lana C.
25 June 2021
Captain Cate

On this fabulous Friday, we were awoken by the sound of nature, no, not the movie, the sound of actual nature. The waves crashing near the shore and the breeze hitting nearby trees was a way to get up on the right side of the bed or, for some, the hammock. We were greeted with the freshest of shelf-stable Parmalat milk and a plethora of cereals, all prepared by the chef of the day, Kenzie. After we finished we were met with great news; it was a shore day!!!!!!!!! After dishes, another crewmate, Fin, and I had an intense race to pull up the mooring ball. Our Captain Cate was the best referee, she counted down from three to two, to one, and then we were off. It was an intense race, but I pulled through in the end; my coil was one of the finest coils in the entire BVI’s. After we had left the mooring, we departed for the Mooring’s Dock; we sailed with the breeze against our backs and a smile on our face (more like motored over with the wind in our face blowing hair everywhere!) As we were en route, we were able to see the stunning surrounding islands of the BVI’s; the mountains on the island of Virgin Gorda appeared as if it was a green cascade of colors, ranging from emerald to forest green as the sun hit different angles of the mountain face. As we were pulling into the mooring docks, we readied our lines and promptly docked without a hitch; well, there were a few clove hitches involved for the fenders. As we stepped off our boat, our legs were wobbly and our stomachs were hungry, soon we arrived at a little slice of France in the BVI’s, the French Deli. I enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich, now this was not your average subway baguette sandwich; it was made with the freshest of ingredients and the most love I’ve ever seen. After meandering on land for a short period, we returned to the boat and began to work on the coveted Aquamarine (TM) playlist. The playlist ranges from Billy Joel to Dua Lipa, so there is enough for everyone. Personally, I have provided enough pit bull for the entire 9-hour long mixtape. Soon we were off; then we were greeted with even better news, we were going to the Bath’s, a slice of paradise on earth. Ella gave us an overview of the history regarding the site; she also discussed popular theories regarding the Bath’s origin. From volcanic magma forming big rocks to local legends about giants sprinkling boulders down, we learned that it was, in fact, years and years of erosion on Granite Boulders. We were dropped off and began to swim in; we explored and explored until our time had come to an end. We felt as if we were the original explorers venturing into an unknown land for the first time. After our crew was exhausted, we opened up our sails and headed for Marina Cay. On the way over, we enjoyed music and the sun gleaming across the water. Once we arrived, we took our lovely ocean shower, the water was a tad chilly, but the laughter and jokes of our crew made us not even realize the cold temperatures. Soon after, the Ravenous boat of Aquamarine was sitting and eating a delicious dinner of Garden Burgers with mashed potatoes. While I am sitting here in the Saloon post-dinner, I am looking at a stunning sunset with beautiful colors. The west end of the sky is filled with warm colors of mandarin, blossom, rose, and magenta, while in contrast, the east end of the sky is filled with cool tones of turquoise, violet, and one might even say Aquamarine. The Sunset reminded everyone of how each new day and night brings the chance for a new beginning and a chance to bring a little bit of love and happiness into the world around us. Now, to finish this blog, I will send you off with a quote and my opinion on it. The black-eyed peas once asked, “Where is the Love?” well, I say it’s right here, on Aquamarine.

Sincerely your Skipper, Lana