Location: Marina Cay

An early wakeup call was enforced at 6:30 am to allow us time to motor out of Mountain Point and arrive at Great Dog for 8:15. For all the Vegas on our boat, we dove our second open water dive at the Dogs while the Carinas dove the Chimneys and Emily, our Quest, snorkeled around the Dogs. We all returned to the boat after exciting dives to find that “Mama Anna” had made us all pancakes for a mid-morning snack. It was now time for all of us to have a boat appreciation session. This included a full deckie, cleaning the galley, salon, heads, cabins, and a clean of our dinghies Cupcake and Burban. After an hour of cleaning, we all enjoyed a Hibiclens shower just before lunch. A few squalls prevented our immediate departure, but we soon set sail to Marina Cay. It was a bumpy sail, but eventually, we arrived in port, well, a small island with a shop, a hotel, and a restaurant. We were allowed one hour ashore where we could call our parents, go to the shop, and get an ice cream. Craig then picked us up and took us to our anchored boat for the night. We had an hour chill time before the squeeze and dinner, which was delicious! After cleanup, all 182 students within ActionQuest were sent to the small island to have a Lifeworks session. Mike did the session, and we listened to a very motivational speech by Jim Tuman. Overall it was a very enjoyable day, and we are all looking forward to tomorrow because of the return of our laundry!