Location: The Bight, Norman Island

After an early 5 am start this morning, we were all excited to finally dive the renowned Rhone. After we had motored from our previous destination, we arrived at the historical dive site. The few hours of lost sleep were certainly worth it as in our diving adventure; we saw various species of tropical fish, a sea turtle, a stingray, and numerous sharks. Next, we ate breakfast and decompressed after our strenuous morning. The remainder of the afternoon was spent on the boat jumping in the water or helping passing divers from other boats. However, we had one final hurdle to climb over in order to finally earn our basic sailing certification, a written 50 multiple choice exam to test our newly acquired sailing knowledge. Later we ventured back to The Bight, the location of our second night, and did more water activities. We are all excited for the big sailing race tomorrow with the other boats back to West End. The rest of the day, we continued the decompressed trend and swam once again and marveled at the beautiful scenery in the British Virgin Islands. As things begin to wrap up, we are all truly aware and appreciative of the great experience provided by you guys.