Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a nice relaxing day. We woke up a 7 am and had some cereal for breakfast. Once we ate and cleaned up, we set sail for our dive site on Ginger Island. Unlike most days, the whole boat spent the day together because the Neptunes didn’t have to go to another boat. The dive was extremely relaxing. We saw some cool fish and some cool lobsters. We also had a member of the media team diving with us and taking photos. When we surfaced, we had a lunch of mac and cheese and headed to a dock to refill on water and gas. Afterward, we headed to shore to hang out at some restaurants and browse some stores. After, we went back to the boat and got to have fresh water showers. We had tortellini for dinner and then did our daily squeeze. The sky turned bright pink in an awesome sunset while we were doing dishes. After dinner, we will be doing our 2nd lifeworks.