Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up after a great sleep in in the beautiful Savannah Bay. After a delightful oatmeal breakfast, we headed out to the Baths. It was AMAZING!! We got to go through something like a very dense maze of rock. We got to see some underwater caves. Then we headed over to a big rock and climbed it. We got to jump off the rock that was about 15 feet. Some people did cool tricks, and it was very impressive. Then after about two hours of fun, we took a quick sailing trip to Spanishtown. When we got there, we got the biggest, juiciest, tastiest burgers in the history of the voyage. With a nice full stomach, we got to walk around and check the scuba shop out. I saw some really impressive equipment and some cool dive computers. After a call home, we went back on the boat and sailed for a couple of hours. This by far was the most teamwork on our boat ever! We tacked and used the jib. We went fast, and it was very fun. I feel like I learned about sailing today. Our teacher made it easy and simple to understand. When we got back to Savanna Bay, and we swam for a while. Jake taught us the redneck dive, and we tried to master it. For dinner, we had some good chili. A lot of people liked it, and we had a really fun time cleaning up. Overall, today was an amazing day, and I hope the rest of the session can be this and better. It has truly been an amazing experience.