Location: Marina Cay

We woke up at 7:30 am and we had cereal. Then we took off to Trellis Bay and on the way we did sailing drills. We did numerous tacks and jibes until the ActionQuest flag wrapped around the metal line- it took about half an hour. Then we had some time to waste so we sailed around the island looking for a good mooring ball. Then we ran into a storm, so we turned around and got out of the storm and anchored. Then the chefs made ramen noodle soup. Then we went to Trellis Bay where everyone got to charge their phone, iPods, etc. Then everyone from Wicked Good got onto Mary Jewell and came to Marina Cay, where our boat was getting water. Then on our tight schedule, we rushed through supper and cleaning so we could make it to land in time to listen to the tape with everyone else from ActionQuest. It was a heart touching tape that showed you the true values in life.