Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

Today we started the day bright and early at 6:30 with cereal for breakfast. The first part of the day started slow for the Questers, while everyone doing Vega were filling out their dive charts. Once they were finished, we split up into two groups of six and learned how to tack and jibe. We each got a chance to steer and work with the sails. The view was amazing as we sailed around North Sound at Virgin Gorda. After two hours of sailing around, we returned to our boat and had some great mac and cheese made by Bobby. After our meal, we got to swim around in the refreshing water and play volleyball on the beach with all the other kids on the boats. Once it got too hot to play any longer, we all had a chance to sail in smaller, two-person boats called Picos. While I was sailing around with Lily, we capsized about five times, causing the staff to keep coming over to check on us. When we were finally done with the Picos, Bobby told us that once we cleaned the whole boat, we could take warm fresh water showers before the dance tonight, which motivated everyone. So far this is the first dance of the trip, so everyone is excited. So far, this day has been great!