Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

A well deserved sleep in kicked off the day today, well, at least for some people, others woke up with our staff. We had a rotation day, which means that we do various activities like waterskiing and scuba, and travel between boats via dinghy. First we ate breakfast while filling out the knowledge review pages of our PADI books. After we were full, we voyaged to another boat to practice picking up mooring lines, which anchor boats in the bay. Then we ate a lunch of white bean soup. Lunch was followed by an un-led dive in Mountain Point. The objective was to find pairs of organisms with commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. Later we waterskied, wakeboarded, and kneeboarded. Along the way we saw some friends from other boats. We made another dive after dinner, our first night dive of the summer! Everyone was excited and a bit nervous too. It was the same site as earlier in the day, so everyone was somewhat familiar with the geography of the area. To saw it was cool would be an understatement, I think a better word would be fascinatingly awesome. We concluded another great day on an unusually incredible note.