Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up at 8 am to a breakfast of cereal or apples. As the counselors left for a staff meeting, the campers spent some group time together playing cards and talking with one another. When the counselors came back at 10 am, we headed underway. The group got to go on land, got lunch, and hung out with the other boats. After a good afternoon, we headed to our new anchor spot called Muskmelon bay. On our way, we learned some new sailing skills. We practiced putting up the sails, tacking, gybing, and points of sail. We had a great time practicing these tricks and getting them down before our sailing exam in a few days. When we arrived at our destination, we took a shower and spent some time with the other crewmates before dinner started. We cooked a dinner of chili and rice. As we ate dinner, one of the other counselors, Riley, who many of our crewmates call Jesus due to his luscious locks and amazing beard, joined us. We ended the night with a group question of “what is a secret talent you have.” As we cleaned up our dishes, we ended the night with a sail theory class. Overall, I have had a great day and am excited for the next days to come.