Location: White Bay, Peter Island

We started off the day by getting up super early to get breakfast going so we would be ready for our first meeting! The meeting was with the supervisor of Action Quest, and he went over all the rules and expectations. After that, we hung out for a little bit and then set sail for our first location! The boat ride was really fun and a great time for everyone on board to talk and get to know each other. When we got to our location, we did a swim test, and it was so refreshing to get in the water! We even had a tread off between two students to see who could tread water the longest while dancing to the YMCA! After the test, we went on our first dive! We reviewed underwater skills and got to swim around for a little bit, which was amazing. After the dive, most of the students went to the roof of the boat and talked about everything for hours and bonded so much, which is so cool for only knowing each other for two days. We then ate dinner and started winding down! Overall it was a very successful and fun day!!