Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning started off early. We woke at 6:30 to get started for an action-packed day. We had a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and apples before we headed off for our first day of diving. We arrived at the beach and set up our scuba gear for a morning full of scuba diving. Since this was our first day we stayed in shallow water. We practiced all of the skills we learned earlier in the week. It was so exciting to take our first breaths underwater. After scuba, we returned to the boat for lunch and to rest for the afternoon. After lunch, we went back to the beach to learn how to windsurf, we rotated going windsurfing and waterskiing. I really enjoyed being out on the water and wakeboarding. After a long, fun-filled day at the beach, we returned for dinner and watched a beautiful sunset and also got to see a double rainbow that stretched all across our beach view!