Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up at 6:45 and immediately began motoring over to the Baths. While underway we ate our breakfast of oatmeal. Once we arrive at the Baths we began to explore. It was really cool. Some of us climbed to the top and others swam into the underwater cave. We all had a lot of fun. Once we were back on board, we took our first Hibiclens showers. It was quite the experience. Once we were all squeaky clean we sailed to Spanish Town. We walked around for a while and came back full of snacks. After Spanish Town we sailed to Mountain Point. We had a great sail and reached almost 9 knots. We then moored at Mountain Point and snorkeled our dive site for tonight. We swam through an underwater cave that had a ton of jellyfish. We then set up our dive gear for tonight then had veggie burgers with mashed potatoes for dinner. The seagulls and us enjoyed them very much. We are now getting ready for our night dive. We are all super excited and also a little nervous.