Location: Marina Cay

Today was a great day at AQ. First we woke up and had breakfast, which was pancakes. Then we sailed to Ginger Island. It was a long and peaceful sail, like all, and as the wind was against us it was a zig-zag sail. We had to tack about four times but I did well steering as skipper and all went smoothly. After the sail, we dove. It was a fun dive for the Neptunes and a research dive for the Dolphins, which meant we got to carry around slates and transect lines. Also we had to keep count of all of the fish friends we saw under water. After the dive we went for another sail and headed to port. We looked around Trellis bay, bought some souvenirs, and ate delicious food and smoothies. Then we headed back to the boat for shower time and dinner, and now we’re going ashore for a Lifeworks forum.