Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up early and had some oatmeal. We then went to the beach in Savanna Bay to complete our first dive of the trip. During the dive, we refreshed our diving skills, and then we began the navigation section. We counted our kick cycles while our buddies kept us in the right direction with their compass. Eventually, we could turn 90 degrees over and over, creating a square. We then went waterskiing and ate some water before we had chicken salad for lunch, or PB+J for the uncultured, just kidding. We then learned how to drive the dinghy and pick up a man overboard. Next, we went windsurfing and we actually did really well as a group and that was enjoyable. As the sun went down we grew closer and closer. It seems like each day everyone becomes even better friends with each other than the day before. I think that’s beautiful, just like today.