Location: Angkor Wat, Cambodia

After saying goodbye to the mango shakes and Pad Thai of Ko Toa, we boarded a ferry bright and early to Ko Samui. On the ferry, some slept indoors while others were awoken with a light spray from the sea out on the top deck. Upon reaching the dock, we jumped into vans and headed to the beautiful airport. During our three-hour wait at the airport, we hung out in the lovely Bangkok Airways lounge (thank you Jim!) and watched videos of crazy sea creatures such as the manta shrimp and the mimic octopus. Time flew by, and we boarded the plane to Bangkok. After a quick flight, we marched through the airport as the rain poured down outside. Groups of us went exploring and enjoyed the culinary delights of the airport. We headed back to our group’s base from our airport excursion, and some intense games of cards were started. Once again, the layover flew by, and soon enough, we boarded a plane to Cambodia. The majority of the forty minutes in the air were spent doing immigration and customs cards. Once we landed in Cambodia, had our passports stamped at immigration, and gathered our bags, we all piled into a van. On our ride to the hotel, we met our tour guide for Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples, Saron. We arrived at our hotel, and we immediately noticed the intricate carvings upon the walls and the pool. We dropped our stuff off in the rooms and began to explore. We had a lovely meal and began to sample some local Cambodian cuisine, namely Amok. Amok is a dish consisting of a coconut sauce and either fish or chicken. Those of us who ordered it enjoyed it very much. After waking up early in the morning and along day of travel, we are all very tired; never-the-less, we are all excited to discover the wonders of Cambodia and Angkor Wat tomorrow.