Location: West End

Today we woke up bright and early. Immediately we knew what was coming. We realized that today was our last full day. After a shipmate group hug, we started breakfast. After a great breakfast, we went to the Indians to dive. We all went down together because sadly it’s our last dive what was good though it was a great dive. The coral and fish were amazing, and it was fun to play around underwater. After all, going down as one giant buddy group, we came back up and started cleaning. We had to clean the boat for the next session, but because we worked together as a family, we made quick work of the job. Then we went to get lunch at Pusser’s, which is always good. After lunch, we took showers and got back on the boat for a final meeting. After that, we will have a BBQ and a dock talk with Mike. All this time we are smiling because we’re in a great place. But we are also sad because it’s all over. Regardless we can all agree that this was one of the best experiences of our lives and we will never forget one another.