Location: Marina Cay

Today was Averill’s birthday, and we all got up early to make her little gifts and wake her up with singing happy birthday to her. When we were about to leave Sam (a staff member from another boat) came and gave her a captain’s hat and a teddy bear with Tom and Mike. For breakfast we had cereal, and then we were off. We practiced sailing for our test. Then we went to Cockroach Island so the Barracudas could dive. Today was the first dive that the Barracudas did navigating themselves. For lunch, we had ramen and made a huge mess. The deckies had fun with that one. Afterward, we did more sailing skills with Averill. Around three we got to go to port and go shopping. Then we went to get more water and on the way got to have Hibiclens showers. For dinner, we had tortellini with Ragu and garlic bread. We had a great day, and when we were done, we gave Averill the cake we had made for her. We had a great day, and we all wish her a happy birthday.