Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today, we woke up and had a breakfast of yogurt and assorted fruits. After we finished cleaning up, we took off for Blue Chromis: the dive site for the day. On the way there, the water was pretty choppy, so we took advantage of the cool water splashing us continuously as the sun beat down. Whenever we hit a wave and came back down, your feet could touch the ocean, and a huge wall of water would slap you in the face or the back. It was a lot more fun than it sounds, mostly because the music was playing loud and we were all screaming out the songs. When we got to the dive site, we did a quick briefing and jumped in after our buddy check. We saw all sorts of fish in the reef, including Blue Chromis (which the site is named after) and a reef shark, which was super cool to see on only our second dive. After that dive was done, we headed out for Savannah Bay, where we had study hall for our lessons and time to swim and take showers. We ate dinner consisting of noodles and Alfredo sauce with seasoned hot dogs. After dinner was over, we chilled together with some music playing in the background and got ready for life works, which is basically a lesson on life where we all meet on one boat and talk about the topic that we get. So far, the trip has been incredible, and I’m so excited to see what the coming days have in store.