Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning we were all woken up with the sound of the many radio stations offered in the BVI’s, such as pop and gospel music that did the final job of waking everyone up. After Matt, Cara, and Cat decided that the radio was doing no good, they played some music that inspired us all of previous morning playlist songs such as Ellie, Brabee, and I’s favorite, The Big Rig Song. We all began singing The Big Rig Song while setting up a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. After breakfast was done and cleaned up, everyone put on their PFDs and went to the bow of the boat to help pull the secondary anchors up and head underway. Only after saying goodbye to our new friend Aidan from another boat, who caught our eye by wearing Australian flag shorts. The motor over was quite short as we were only leaving Savannah Bay to go to Sand Circles and practice our navigation skills. Once we arrived at Sand Circles, we again helped with the anchors and got ready for our dive. First, we needed a recap of the skills we would be learning; Cat began to teach us what a Bezel and lubber lines are and how we use them properly and effectively underwater. After she finished the review, we practiced our new and improved skills on the boat by grouping in pairs and pretending we were doing a square and reciprocal pattern. Then decided that we were ready to set up our dive gear and do it in the water. Cat and Matt went into the water first to set up the stations we would be doing while everyone else continued setting up their dive gear. Ryan and Preston went in first to meet with Cat to do the reciprocal pattern. Next, Brabee and I went to follow suit. After us came Alexis and Fernando, Harley and Ellie, and Julia and Ben. We all did great with only a few miscalculations along the way. As most of us were waiting for the last few to finish their dive, we convinced Cara to let us go swimming before lunch. Once everyone was back on the boat, a lunch of chicken salad was then created by the lovely chefs of the day: Ben, Dylan, and Alexis. It was quickly eaten with silence once again as we were hungry and tired from the dive; Alexis even fell asleep. As we sailed back to Savannah Bay, we used the time to do our bookwork for our programs. Once we reached Savannah Bay, we continued our bookwork until it was time for shower time. This shower time was especially fun because we decided to swim before completing our showers. After a rescue of a necklace and touching the bottom, we finished up our showers to get ready for dinner. Brabee, Ellie, and I looked at fish in a book while everyone else jammed out to music and talked in the galley. Dinner was bean chili and rice that was quickly devoured in hopes for a movie. Once dinner was cleaned up, the squeeze was then in motion. The question today was if you had to meet someone from either past or present, who would it be? Answers varied; Harley mentioned her grandfather that she was named after, Julia who wants to meet Adam Sandler, Me who wants to meet my parents when they were younger aged, varied song artists were named by several others and other family members. The Staff members tricked us all, and we are now watching a rescue video instead. But it was overall a fun day, and we all can’t wait for the next.