Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today Vivo Libre slept in until 7 am. What a treat! We had a nice pancake breakfast without plates. After breakfast, we made our way to Great Dog where the winds were heavy. All divers on our boat went for a dive in the pouring rain. We then had an amazing lunch which consisted of tortilla soup and PB+J. After lunch, we went to George Dog where Dan and I cleaned the bottom of Phoenix while it was still in the water. We then all made some delicious hot chocolate. After, we got ourselves to Muskmelon Bay where we all said hello to the other boats. Luigi, Jonathan, and Luka were champs and did a front flip off of the boat. After dinner, we had an amazing cake for Callie’s birthday. Tonight we have another fun sail chat with Mike. Yay!