Location: Daintree Rainforest Observatory

The day started off early and some of the girls decided to get dressed in their most festive American attire to celebrate the 4th down under. After loading our things and food into the maxi taxi, we took make the journey to the Daintree Rainforest Observatory. In order to get to the DRO we had to take a very small car ferry across for about 2 minutes. When we arrived at the observatory we had an induction, which explained all the possible things that could be harmful in the rainforest. Needless to say, Jenna and I were quite afraid of the possibility of seeing any snakes after that conversation. Our first service activity was mulching so we all put on our jeans, sneakers and sunscreen to brave the elements of the rainforest. I think we all sweat our fair share in the mid-day rainforest heat. It was a very rewarding experience seeing all our hard work finally come to an end and being able to see such a massive difference from when we had first started. We all worked up a big appetite after three hours of mulching. We maintained our American theme and had hot dogs for dinner. Some of the braver people even tried kangaroo hotdogs. I am surprised to say that kangaroo is very good and I sort of liked it. We did our squeeze and told scar stories and shared our favorite songs. Afterward, we tried pineapple tim-tamswhich were not the best. I much prefer the original tim-tams. Later in the evening Keeley and Jenna tricked us with their challenging brain games. Finally, we all played black magic with Riley and Meredith. All our hard work was worth while and I know we all came off feeling very good about what we accomplished!