Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today I woke up early to watch the beautiful sunrise, and to see the rainbow that was caused by the prevailing rain. Next Gordo and I went off to the skipper’s meeting at 7:30 on Laurasia to be briefed on the first race. Then we went back to the boat to eat breakfast and set off. Once we finished with breakfast, we pulled the main up and had our pre-race yoga and chanting session with Annie. Soon over the VHF, we heard Mitch saying “3,2,1,” and we set off. Sadly we were stuck in the lee of Tanis Marie (lee is the opposite side of where the wind is hitting). Sadly we came in second place. When we arrived in West End, we docked and went to Pusser’s, one of the best restaurants in the BVI. After lunch, we had another meeting, in which we discussed the second race of the day, which sadly didn’t turn out as well as planned. The first awesome thing that we did was tacking into the wind like pros, and honestly, we could have won. When we arrived in Great Harbor, we put down our two anchors and then chilled.