Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today the shipmates of Sea Señora made the journey from Tortola to Peter’s Island. We started our day with a variety of cereals which we all enjoyed together in the cockpit of our vessel. Then we all got assigned jobs; each one of the 12 shipmates gets assigned a job that changes each day. Today I was the skipper, which means I’m in charge of making sure everyone else is okay, taking pictures of the shipmates, and writing the daily blog post! After that, we learned about the different parts of a boat. We learned about all of the names of the sides of the boat, like starboard, port side, and the bow and stern, and a bunch of other things like the helm of the boat, which is where the steering wheel is. We then practiced taking and easing the sailmaking, sure to keep our pinkies in! After stopping by the dock for a freshwater refill, we began to sail over to Peter’s Island. We had a lot of fun sitting at the bow and getting splashed by the waves while we sailed. During the way there, we took a lot of photos, learned how to tie knots, and some of us took a much-needed nap. We helped steer our ship to Peter’s Island, and we all made it there safely. After setting down the anchors, we hopped into the ocean and took our swim test. We had to swim 5 laps around the boat and then tread water for 10 minutes! Once we finished our swim test, we took our first saltwater shower followed by a freshwater rinse, and then made dinner, which was sloppy joes, mashed potatoes, corn, and a salad. Later tonight, we will be taking our first scuba diving theory lesson.