Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up anchored at Sommer’s Beach to the song Cruel Summer by Bananarama. Shortly after everyone was up and about, we motored back to Muskmelon Bay while having a breakfast of oatmeal. Once we dropped the hook in Muskmelon, we began a day of rotation. My rotation started with an excellent wakeboarding session. After that, all the Vegas went for our final scuba dive before getting certified. Once we finished a few skills while diving, our instructor Elliot held up his drawing board with the words “congratulations, U R certified, muy bueno” written on it and we all danced around and celebrated under water. We came up from the dive so excited. We then went on to having lunch in the rain. Then we set sail for Cane Garden Bay. We topped off our water and fuel tanks; then we sat down for a wonderful Thai peanut chicken with brown rice dinner.