Location: Marina Cay

Already Day 9 and Mambo No. Five’s already becoming a family. Thanks to Chloe, Julia, and Clovis our boat’s been working some dance moves to out-compete Blue Venture’s previous attempts. Meanwhile, Adrien’s still working on keeping his balance aboard with quite the history of falling into (and out of) dinghies. Thanks to Mike and Tyler, we started the day with a spectacular breakfast, so the rest of the sail over to Marina Cay was a breeze. Not to forget our Ms. Amber jumping right into sailing with a ton of enthusiasm! She also spread her passion for roller derby on the way over. Right next to Amber at the helm, we have Michael L. who also took to sailing with excitement and showered an interest in scuba rescue. James and Sam were stoked to go on a second-night dive earlier in the trip, exclaiming, “I couldn’t get enough of that bioluminescence!” Dolphins have been working hard with those research projects and seemed to have set their hearts on sea fans and Christmas tree worms! Rescue just recently got a taste of what a real rescue entails with a practice scenario with the Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) with a full out dinghy ride and everything! It’s hard to believe that we only have nine days remaining in the program! I have a feeling we’ll be finishing off with a splash!